Mid Coast 4 Kids works in partnership with our community to deliver training and events that help build the capacity of our child serving systems.  See below for current and upcoming training:

The Common Approach

The Common Approach® is a prevention-focused and flexible way of working to help everyone have quality conversations with young people and their families about all aspects of their wellbeing. These aspects fall into six wellbeing areas that align with The Nest: Loved and Safe, Healthy, Participating, Positive Sense of Culture and Identity, Material Basics, and Learning.

It encourages those working with children, young people, and families to work in partnership with them, focus on strengths, place the child at the centre of the conversation, and consider all aspects of a family’s circumstances.

The Common Approach is supported by a suite of resources that facilitates conversations with families by providing prompts and guidance for practitioners. It is not a standardised risk assessment tool, but rather a simple, versatile way of working that enables child-led and child-focused discussion across all areas of wellbeing.

MidCoast 4 Kids and the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) have been successful in securing funding to support training in, and the delivery of the Common Approach through to the end of 2022 with further funding to support this work from FRRR (Foundation for regional and rural renewal) . You can download a copy of the information brochure here. We’ll be delivering a number of community training sessions over the coming months so if you or your organisation are interested in this training, please get in touch.

If you would like to know more about Common Approach training please contact our Common Approach Trainer, Brian Belic – 0477 658 205









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